Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Usually it just takes a phone call...

I am so impatient for Escort to release their debut album. I'm thinking about this because lately I've returned to nurturing my Escort addiction by watching the brilliant Muppet Show video mash up for their single 'All through the night', released late this past spring. The singing Easter Island statue, anything with Janice from Electric Mayhem, it all makes me very happy. If only Beaker had made an appearance. .. I don't mean to trivialize Escort's song; every aspect of 'All through the night' is an infectious piece of funk disco virtuosity, from the superfly rhythm section to the manic but druggy female vocals.

The last time I was this impatient for an album based on early singles was New Young Pony Club. It must have been more than two years between the first vinyl versions of 'Tight fit' and 'Ice cream' and Fantastic Playroom. I caught Escort's excellent mid-tempo disco chugger 'Starlight' completely by chance last fall. They don't seem to be very publicity hungry; no website, no Myspace profile, Wikipedia doesn't know they exist... But after 'All through the night' they did announce (quietly) that they were preparing an album.

That was in June. I still can't find any new details about Escort or their album. I love the Muppets, but they're only going to tide me over so long... I need more nu-disco goodness.

[I wish I could give you an Escort official website; be sure to check out their videos on your favorite streaming video site.]