Thursday, January 10, 2008


George Kranz's 'Tromeltanz (din daa daa)' is the soundtrack of every talent show from the eighties era that he ever saw. The most dependably ludicrous thing to which he had access was Star Search, followed closely by Puttin' On The Hits and Dance Fever. On a weekly basis people did ill-advised things - wearing matching sequined headbands, engaging in dance moves that required a split and a shoulder toss simultaneously, doing everything short of strapping cymbals to their hands and clapping repeatedly. He never was quite sure if he should be impressed or mortified.

'Trommeltanz' is one of those non-hits that regardless achieved hit status in the collective consciousness of the early eighties. In its own right it is quite an invention, taking elements of doo-wop and morphing them into an early intimation of the tribal house music Danny Tenaglia would perfect ten years later. It's not really surprising that it was the default song for anyone entering a dance talent show for a period of several years.

Kevin Aviance did his best to liberate 'Din daa daa' with a darker, more aggressive cover in 1997, but the association wasn't severed. He still can't hear the song without wondering how many stars the judges will award when it's over.