Thursday, January 3, 2008

Make a soundtrack for the 4AM ride home

It's been a long night, and maybe you're a little cracked out, happy not to be driving, aching for bed but knowing you won't be able to sleep right away... This mix is fondly dedicated to Mister Gates, who inspired it by describing 'Sunday' in more or less those terms when I first played it for him this past summer.

1. Love & Rockets - 'Haunted when the minutes drag'
2. Dead Can Dance - 'Advent'
3. Dif Juz - 'No motion'
4. Chameleons - 'Second skin'
5. Bloc Party - 'Sunday'
6. Bat For Lashes - 'Sarah'
7. Kate Bush - 'Nocturn'
8. Madonna with Massive Attack - 'I want you'
9. Depeche Mode - 'Stripped (highland mix)'
10. Cocteau Twins - 'The spangle maker'
11. Concrete Blonde - 'Lullabye'
12. Eurythmics - 'This city never sleeps'
13. Cure - 'All cats are grey'
14. Ryan Adams - 'Wonderwall'
15. Tori Amos - 'Smells like teen spirit'
16. Blue Nile - 'From a late night train'
17. Art Of Noise - 'A nation rejects (ambient)'